With this Privacy Policy, Copyright Visual Arts informs its members, clients and web users in general of its commitments regarding the processing of personal or other information that is collected directly or indirectly on its web platform. The purpose of this policy is to inform members, customers and web users of Copyright Visual Arts’ commitment to comply with the legal requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and other applicable privacy laws in Canada.

Copyright Visual Arts aims to ensure the integrity and protection of personal information collected as part of its mission and is committed to the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion. It has taken and applied specific security measures to ensure the confidentiality of this information and to be transparent in this regard. All personal information provided to Copyright Visual Arts is protected under the provisions of applicable Canadian laws.

This privacy policy does not apply to the practices of companies that we do not own or control. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained the necessary authorizations and consents for all personal information that you make available to us for use in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

To facilitate the understanding of the following document, here is a glossary of the main terms used.

Authorized person: An employee or administrator of Visual Arts Copyright authorized to access all or part of the personal, professional or institutional information necessary for the performance of his or her duties.

Cookie: A cookie is a small amount of data generated by a web platform and stored by your web browser. Its purpose is to store information about you.

Domain name: the part of an Internet address that specifically identifies the web platform registered by an organization.

IP address: Internet protocol number of a computer composed of four series of digits (e. g., assigned for the precise identification of a device on the Internet.

Log file: a text file that lists all requests sent to the web server, allowing the volume of events logged by the server to be analyzed.

Person concerned: a natural person who can be identified by personal information.

Personal information: any information that allows an individual to be identified.

Information collected when accessing the Web platform

When a visitor accesses the Copyright Visual Arts - CARCC web platform, there is an automatic exchange of information between the visitor's computer and the web platform server. This exchange is necessary so that the server can transmit to the visitor a file compatible with the computer equipment used.

The data automatically transferred between computers does not allow the visitor to be personally identified. They are collected due to the technological requirements of web browsing and are stored in log files for security purposes. These files may be necessary for criminal investigations and are not used for any other purpose.

The following information is transferred:

  • the domain name of the Internet service provider and the IP address used by the visitor to access the Visual Arts Copyright platform;
  • the type of browser and operating system used to access the platform;
  • the date and time a visitor accessed the platform;
  • the pages visited on the platform.

Copyright Visual Arts uses a web monitoring program to collect visitor usage statistics for its web platform, such as the number of visitors, visitors to each page, the average number of pages viewed per visit and the technology used by Copyright Visual Arts clients. This data compilation does not contain any personal information, but allows Copyright Visual Arts to measure the interest in its services, optimize navigation on its Web platform and assist its development.

The Copyright Visual Arts Web platform uses cookies to facilitate navigation on the pages of its Web platform, but does not place persistent or permanent cookies on the hard drives of its visitors' computers. When a temporary cookie is required for browsing, this file is saved by your web browser and is automatically deleted when you leave the platform. A web user can instruct his browser to prevent cookies. However, this action may result in the loss of some of the functions offered by the platform.

Personal, commercial or institutional information collected

Copyright Visual Arts necessarily collects the following personal, commercial and/or institutional information necessary for the processing of the file of the person, company and/or institution concerned.

The mandatory personal information requested is:

  • the first and last name;
  • postal address ;
  • postal code ;
  • telephone number;
  • email address ;
  • date of birth ;
  • gender.

Unless the artist's first and last name is necessary to associate a work of art or a photograph of a work of art with its creator or assignee, all other personal information is kept confidential.

The mandatory commercial or institutional information is as follows:

  • the full name of the company or institution;
  • the full name of the person in charge;
  • title of the person in charge;
  • postal address of the company or institution;
  • postal code ;
  • telephone number;
  • email address.

All mandatory commercial or institutional information collected remains reserved for the internal use of authorized persons.

Most of the personal data collected by Copyright Visual Arts - CARCC about artists, companies and/or institutions is collected voluntarily by them when they become members, use the web platform, apply for, use one or more of the services offered by Copyright Visual Arts - CARCC and/or when they contact Copyright Visual Arts. Consequently, by providing their personal data to Copyright Visual Arts, artists, companies and/or institutions give their consent to Copyright Visual Arts to use such data as well as to share their personal data in accordance with this policy. Artists, companies and/or institutions may withdraw their consent to any collection, use or disclosure of their personal information by contacting Copyright Visual Arts at any time, it being understood that this would impair the ability of Copyright Visual Arts to provide its services. In addition, any provision of personal information about other persons (e.g., close relatives) must have the prior consent of those persons.

Methods used to collect personal information

Copyright Visual Arts collects personal information using the following methods:

  • membership application or registration form;
  • mail and emails;
  • opinion polls ;
  • log files *;
  • cookies*.

* These files are used to facilitate navigation on the Web platform and allow optimal use of its features, but they do not allow the user's personal identification.

Reasons for collecting personal information

Copyright Visual arts collects personal information for the following reasons:

  • create a personalized profile of the applicant to facilitate access to services;
  • communicate with the user;
  • transmit all relevant information to the user concerning his account;
  • manage the Web platform for electronic services;
  • respond to requests for information or complaints;
  • evaluate and improve its services and operating procedures.

Access to the personal information collected

Copyright Visual Arts – CARCC’s administrators and employees must obtain permission and a password to access the databases. Personal information collected in accordance with this policy is only accessible to persons authorized to receive it when necessary in the performance of their duties. 

Copyright Visual Arts - CARCC does not share any personal information with a third party without the permission of the person concerned, subject to a legal obligation to do so. In this case, if Copyright Visual Arts is obliged to communicate personal information to a third party in order to fulfil its legal or regulatory obligations, the person or persons concerned may not oppose such transmission, in whole or in part.

Storage and retention of personal information

Personal information is stored on secure platforms and on servers controlled by Copyright Visual Arts - CARCC and/or our web service provider Quicksilk, located either in the offices of Copyright Visual Arts or in those of its service provider that make daily backup copies.

Copyright Visual Arts has established and maintains an inventory of the personal information files it holds on artists, companies and institutions that register as artists or users of works of art.

Personal information is not kept for purposes other than those for which it was collected. The procedures for storing, archiving and destroying copyrighted visual arts materials - some of which contain personal information - comply with applicable Canadian laws.

Copyright Visual Arts will retain personal information as long as it meets its original purpose or as long as it is legally required.

Protection of personal information

Copyright Visual arts treats electronic correspondence with the same concern for confidentiality as traditional mail. As the transmission of information by e-mail is not secure, Copyright Visual Arts rarely requests the transmission of personal information by e-mail; however, if it receives an e-mail containing confidential information, it responds to the sender by retaining only the information required to respond to the request addressed in the message. When Copyright Visual Arts is obliged to transmit data of a confidential nature, it will use a means of communication other than electronic mail.

Copyright Visual Arts has adopted measures to protect the information collected against any fraudulent use, communication or unauthorized access, as well as against accidental or unlawful copying, modification and loss or destruction. These measures, which provide an appropriate level of security for the processing and nature of the information collected, include the following:

  • SSL protocol ;
  • computer data backup;
  • development of digital certificates ;
  • access management - authorized person;
  • login-in / password ;
  • access management - data subject;
  • firewall ;
  • network monitoring software.

We have put in place reasonable security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and interception by third parties of information under our control. However, complete privacy and security are not yet possible on the Internet. We assume no responsibility for any damage you may suffer as a result of interception, modification or misuse of information (including your personal information) transmitted over the Internet.

It is important to protect yourself against unauthorized access to your password and/or computer.

Precautions to be taken by users

It is the responsibility of each user to take all necessary measures to ensure that their username and password are used under optimal security conditions in order to protect the confidentiality of the data used to identify them.

Particular attention should be paid to:

  • choose a password that is difficult to guess, if possible at least eight characters long, combining letters, numbers and symbols;
  • avoid using personal information (e.g. date of birth, surname or first name) to choose your username and/or password;
  • memorize your user ID and password instead of writing them down;
  • protect your username and password from a third party;
  • change your password frequently;
  • disconnect after each visit to the platform, especially if it is browsing from a public computer;
  • clear the cache memory of your computer;
  • avoid sending personal information by e-mail.

Access and correction of personal, commercial or institutional information

The Copyright Visual Arts web platform allows its members and registered users to log into their account and modify their personal, commercial or institutional contact information. The authorized personnel of Copyright Visual Arts may also make the necessary modifications at the request of its members or registered users.

Copyright Visual Arts invites all its members and users to review or verify their personal data as part of any interaction with Copyright Visual Arts. In addition, Copyright Visual Arts will publish its privacy policy on its website for all its members, licensees and employees and will ensure that all information concerning the policies and methods relating to the management of their personal information is available to all.

Copyright Visual Arts reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in its information practices. Any such update will be posted on the Copyright Visual Arts website, it being expressly understood that it is the responsibility of members, licensees and users to regularly consult this Privacy Policy in order to know its scope and the various changes that are made from time to time.

Complaint handling and information request

In the event of non-compliance with the commitments contained in the Privacy Policy of the Visual Arts Copyright, the persons concerned may send a complaint to: [email protected]

In addition, any questions regarding this policy or its application should be directed to the same e-mail address or by mail to one of the following addresses:

Copryright Visual Arts – CARCC, 250 - 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON.   K1N 6E2

Droits d’auteur Arts visuels – CARCC, 214 - 2205 rue Parthenais, Montréal, QC.  H2K 3T3

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