Copyright Visual Arts offers a variety of services to the Visual and Media Arts community, the first of which relates to information about Copyright. Understanding what is Copyright and what it means for Artists is what we deal with in our section Copyright 101

Copyright Visual Arts's first clientele are the creative artists in the Visual and Media Arts, this is why we have a wide range of services for them. Our aim in to help artists obtain a better income from their work. Consult our Services to Artist section. 

Copyright Visual Arts operates as an intermediary between the Artists we represent and the individuals, businesses or cultural institutions (the Users) who need to use their works for exhibition, reproduction or advertising purposes.  We negotiate with Users the best conditions for diverse uses of artistic works  and provide them with licenses. See our Services to Users section to learn more.

Copyright Visual Arts  also helps  the relatives or friends of deceased artists in the management of their Copyrights. Keeping track of the diverse uses of works managed by an Estate and collecting royalties in their name  can be problematic and that is where we can help. Certain legal obligations have to be filled and we explain them in our section Services to Artists' Estates.

Finally, Copyright Visual Arts offers to the Visual and Media Art sector new digital tools intended to help Artists and Users. Our IMAGE BANK allows our Members and Associates to upload their works and post them for free on our platform so the general public and Users may appreciate them. Once an image has been selected Users can then license this image for different types of uses. A User can also obtain a license by logging into the platform, click on their ID at the top right of the page and select Request a license. Obtaining a license online is made simple, fast and cheaper for the User. Reduction of 12,5% to 20% of our regular administration fees applies on all online licensing.