Copyright Visual Arts aims to serve both the Artists it represents and the individuals or institutions using their copyrights. Here are a few advantages to Users.

Contact: Copyright Visual Arts can serve as a contact point between the artist and the user.  The list of our affiliates is posted on our website, and Copyright Visual Arts is open for business year-round.

Copyright clearance made easy: - A unique service to Users of copyright. Copyright Visual Arts will undertake, for a fee, to clear copyright for a variety of uses – permanent collections, publication projects, exhibition programs, galas, broadcasts, and so on.  Copyright Visual Arts will research addresses, find the artists if they are not members, write to them to solicit permissions and negotiate royalties, issue licences based upon those permissions, invoice the user, pay the artists, and issue tax receipts. 

One cheque and payment is done (also tax reporting): For large licences that involve payments to many artists, the User needs to send only one cheque, reducing the administrative load so often associated with copyright clearance.  Copyright Visual Arts will pay the artists and will issue T5 tax receipts to them at the end of the tax year.

Please register if you would like to license one or several artworks.