2018 AGM - New Board Members

The Coordinator’s Report mentioned that we are in a more stable place financially than previous recent years. While revenues from the Reprographic Right continue to decline, we have had a small amount of growth due to grants. While an improvement, we continue to venture to grow further. Total revenues have risen to $170,287 from $149,074 in the previous fiscal year. Royalty distribution decreased to $109, 712 from $123,416, mostly due to the continued decline of reprographic royalties. The society ended the year with a small surplus of $15,671.

We are pleased to have welcomed new board members to the society. With Deborah Carruthers of RAAV stepping down after three years of benevolent work, Avery Zhao from RAAV has stepped into the role, co-chairing the board with Paddy Lamb who continues from last year. We also welcomed Sydney Lancaster from the CARFAC board, who will undertake the role of Treasurer, and David Yazbeck, partner from Raven Law in Ottawa and Treasurer on the CARFAC National board. Two other representatives of RAAV remained on the board: Catherine Rondeau, Corporate Secretary, and Pierre Tessier, director.