Presentations to the Copyright Act review Committees

In front of both committees we argued that the 2012 amendment to the Copyright Act introduced an exception for education in the  legislation but did not specifically define its scope, leaving many universities to develop their own Fair Dealing principles, often times reproducing work by artists that could be easily licensed from a collective or rightsholder. This  ultimately lead to a huge decline in reprographic royalties growing each year. We advocated for the adoption of a model similar to that in the United Kingdom. As well, we stated that the application of the Exhibition Right currently discriminates against senior artists by not requiring royalties to be paid to artists for works made earlier than 1988. Lastly, we advocated for the inclusion of the Artist’s Resale Right, which would entitle artists to receive payment each time their work is resold publicly through an auction house or commercial gallery.

You can read our brief to the INDU committee here

You can read our brief to the PCH committee here