Copyright Visual Arts Announces Launch of The Image Bank: Online Licensing Tool

Copyright Visual Arts / Droits d’auteur arts visuels (COVA-DAAV) are pleased to present Image Bank, a new digital licensing tool for Canadian visual art. This new technology showcases artwork by some of Copyright Visual Arts’ 1200 affiliated artists on the website. It allows galleries, publishers, and other companies to search for Canadian artists and to easily get quotes for licensed use of their artwork. Image Bank also provides several types of licenses directly and quickly online.

Positive Impact

“The Image Bank simultaneously promotes our Canadian artists while making copyright licensing quick and simple!” 

- Marcia Lea, Executive Director of COVA-DAAV

“We are proud to announce the official launch of the platform, and we hope you will enjoy its clever and user-friendly design. The Image Bank offers new technological and practical possibilities to presenters and artists.”

- Hélène Pappathomas, Copyright Agent, Copyright Visual Arts (COVA-DAAV)

Availability of the Image Bank

This product is one of the first online copyright licensing websites in Canada, and it has been designed by Ottawa software company, QuickSilk, for COVA-DAAV. The Image Bank is now available at: 

COVA-DAAV would like to thank the following organizations for their assistance in the development of this important digital tool:

The Department of Canadian Heritage

Canadian Artists’ Representation / Le Front des artistes canadiens

Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec

About Copyright Visual Arts 

COVA-DAAV is a not-for-profit copyright management society providing Author’s Rights administration for professional Canadian and Québécois visual and media artists. It provides Users with a comprehensive access to the artworks and professional services of its members.

Copyright Visual Arts responds to a shifting art economy in the digital age by providing effective tools to enable visual and media artists to achieve sustainable careers. 

Copyright Visual Arts facilitates broad access to the finest works by Canadian and Québecois artists through simple and effective online or person-to-person licensing.

For more information :

In Ottawa:
Marcia Lea, Executive Director, Copyright Visual Arts
[email protected]

In Montreal:
Hélène Pappathomas, Copyright Agent, Copyright Visual Arts
[email protected]

For more information on the Image Bank: